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    Thierry Chausse

    "Enable Location Services to work ‘Always’ in your child’s device Settings for OurPact Jr"

    That's very nice but it's very easy for the child to disable that later on...

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    Paige Mayer

    Hi Thierry! It is not possible to block iOS Settings access on child devices. We will alert you if a child device can't be tracked for a period of time, but unfortunately "locking" this setting isn't possible (this is a common issue in the location space!). We apologize sincerely for this inconvenience.

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    How do I update? I tried all the answers and it is not working. He has an android.It is enabled on his phone but not showing on my phone which is an IOS. It say it hasn't been update in 48 hrs. That was two days ago.

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    where is location services on the child's phone because I  toggled to enable location services and it still not working


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    Paige Mayer

    Hi @ddavis646!

    Power Saving Mode on Androids can impact the functionality of the Family Locator. I've shared instructions for a fix below. (These instructions are specific to Samsung devices, since that's the most common Android device type. If your child's device isn't a Samsung, the steps may vary slightly, but should be similar for the most part.)

    Turn off Power Saving Mode

    1. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery
    2. Select "OFF" for Power Saving Mode option (options are "OFF", "MID", and "MAX")
    3. Animation should show power saving mode being turned off
    4. Open OurPact Jr. app

    Whitelist OurPact Jr. from Power Saving Mode

    1. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage
    2. Click the ⋮ symbol (upper right hand corner) and select "Optimize battery usage"
    3. Click drop down that says "Apps not optimized" and select "All Apps"
    4. Scroll to OurPact Jr. > toggle to OFF position (if already OFF toggle ON then OFF again)
    5. Open OurPact Jr. app]

    If you still have issues, please contact so we can troubleshoot!

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    Kelly Winter

    I cannot see where my child's location on the map in the OurPact app on my phone. The map is just hovering around/moving slowly. His device does have OurPact Jr. running, a good internet connection, and his location settings are set to "always" for OurPact... 

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    Andrew Swab

    Ability to create "Places" is not very specific.  I cannot specify the exact address number on a street for example: "NN Apple Road".  I can only type in the street name alone but the pin point is never where I really want it to be placed.  And there seems to be no way to manually drop the pin or slide it's position over.  It would be nice to be able to do this like most other map apps.  Currently, I am also using Life360 (competing app) and their "Places" functionality seems superior.

    p.s.  I am using the app in Hong Kong.  Maybe the address/location database being used for OurPact is not as complete here as in the US.

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    Paige Mayer

    Hi Andrew! 

    OurPact does not use an internal, OurPact-created map system. Depending on the platform you are managing access from, we use either Apple's map kit (iOS app), or Google's map kit (Android app, and Website).

    If you are having issues setting a Place within your parent app, you can try to sign into your parent app on a different platform and try again – for example, if you can't find the specific address you're looking for in the iOS app, please:

    1. Launch a web browser, and navigate to
    2. Log in to your OurPact account
    3. Tap the Location arrow in the left side-bar of your browser window
    4. Tap the PLACES tab
    5. Tap the + icon (right)
    6. Enter your Place name and address.

    If you can't find the address you are looking for within the website or our Android app, then please see if you can install and log into your OurPact account on an iOS device to set the Place location.

    If you continue to have issues setting your preferred location, please set it for a neighboring or nearby address, if possible. Contact our team at if you continue to have issues!

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    James McGough

    I have just upgraded to premium, however I noticed my wife's phone has not.
    Do I have to pay to upgrade her phone too?



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    Paige Mayer

    Hey James! Just make sure your wife is signed into the same OurPact account as you. Ideally, you can share the app with Family Share to avoid confusing the subscription.

    If you have any other questions, let us know!

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