Why are my child's apps scrambling?




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    Joao Evora

    I do not see anything called App Organizer within the OurPact Jr app on my childs device.  How do we get the app to include that feature?

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    Paige Mayer

    App Organizer is only available on OurPact Premium, and is only required for iOS child devices.

    As long as you are subscribed to OurPact Premium, and your child's iOS device has been run through OurPact Utility to complete pairing to your account, the App Organizer icon should be visible at the top of OurPact Jr. on your child's device – two squares and two arrows. 

    If you are on OurPact Premium and your child's device is paired through OurPact Utility, but you still don't see App Organizer in OurPact Jr. on your child's device:

    1. Delete OurPact Jr from your child's device
    2. Launch your parent OurPact app
    3. Click on 'Devices' from your menu (if you are using the web app, select the device icon on the left of your screen)
    4. Find and select your child's device
    5. Tap the option to 'Install OurPact Jr' remotely

    The App Organizer icon should then be visible in OurPact Jr.

    If you have any other questions, please contact our team at support@ourpact.com

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