My child's iOS device is blocked after upgrading to Premium+




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    So, is it correct that now, with your "fantastic" app installed... in order for my kiddo to use his ipad this is what he must do:

    (1) Unlock ipad

    (2) launch your app,

    (3) press the start button,

    (4) press start broadcast

    (5) press the home button

    (6) select the app he wanted

    ... are you serious? 6 steps?  Please tell me I am just not understanding...

    For the last 25 YEARS, the rule of click is THREE... and you all have doubled down on that.

    Here, let me help you... this is how it is supposed to work...

    (1) kiddo unlocks ipad

    (2) kiddo selects app he wants to use

    (3) kiddo enjoys app and your stuff works in the background

    ... yeah... that's how you do it. 

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    Ginny C.

    Hi there! We're sorry to hear you're not loving the new update! We'll be happy to go over any specifics or questions about this technology. Please get in touch with our team at for assistance.

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